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The Resilience Workshop

Ahead of this workshop, Resilience Coaches Maurice and Tianne are often asked ‘What
do I need to prepare or bring to the workshop?’ The answer is simple in theory... All that
we ask is that you bring an open mind. 

The workshop has been designed to give you the opportunity to just ‘be’ rather than ‘do’.
We understand that this is easier said than done – our conditioning teaches us to fill our
time with action, and so this day long event provides the perfect environment in which
to practice this skill.

Throughout the day Maurice and Tianne will aim to bring you some stimulating ideas
and techniques for dealing more effectively with challenging situations. Areas covered
will include resilient thinking, building communication and relationships, motivation, and
becoming personally resilient through self awareness.

We draw on the experiences of people who have overcome serious challenges, and the
techniques that enabled them to survive and thrive.

There will be plenty of time for group discussions to expand on the ideas discussed, and
exercises to help you to develop and practice new skills.

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