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why choose The Resilience Programme

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A question we are continually asked by clients and indeed by ourselves is, why would someone choose The Resilience Programme instead of another training provider? What makes us different from the 'competition' (We try not to use this term as it suggests other providers are not working towards the same goal as us - and aren't we all trying to help our clients?)

To put it bluntly, what is our unique selling point? We all know that in business it is important to demonstrate how you're different from other providers. The truth is, perhaps we are not different, perhaps there is no unique selling point. Perhaps we, alongside other companies are underneath all trying to do their best to make a difference. And after all, the tools and techniques we teach in the programme are widely used and available on other training courses. So how can we possibly claim to be unique and mean it with full integrity? 

What we do know is that we are 3 unique individuals who have brought together a lifetime of personal and professional experience and training to create a programme we truly believe in. Between us we have over 50 years' experience within our field. There are other providers out there - but no one is doing it quite like we are. For instance, whilst our programme is distinctly separate from psychotherapy, we draw upon our training in this area to create a safe and ethical foundation in which real change can happen. What we mean here is creating a relationship of trust, honesty and confidentiality by committing to a deep ethical framework. If there's a sensitive conversation to be had, we'll have it. We tackle the hard stuff - and bring it into the light so that it can be resolved and built upon. This is why we refer to ourselves as so much more than a training course. Yes we pass on knowledge, but it goes much deeper that. 

What does this mean in terms of the work we do and how do we apply it to resilience? Therapy - particularly Person-Centred Therapy - has at it's core the belief that each and every one of us has the capacity to change, grow and make decisions that are in their own best interests. We recognise and fully believe that any change brought about is ultimately achieved by our clients - our role within this is to simply create the environment and provide the tools for this to happen. If there is a unique selling point, then we'd like to believe it is that we will never claim your successes, victories and truimphs as our own. They are yours to celebrate. 

Lastly, we'll match your commitment but will step back and not push if you, or your organisation is not ready. If you want to work with us great, but if for whatever reason you don't, we won't chase, persuade or try to convince otherwise. We only want to work with you if you want to work with us - it's simple. Why would it be any other way?