Resilient individuals are able to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances or life crises. Learning to be more adaptable will enable you to respond more effectively to events, using them as opportunities for growth and development rather than seeing them as catastrophies. Here are some tips to enable you to be more adaptable:

  • Have a backup plan and take a flexible approach to your thinking.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and look for the opportunities in changing circumstances.
  • Look for ways of turning adversity into opportunities for learning and positive self-development.
  • Don't give up when you hit an obstacle to your progress, instead explore ways of getting around the block.
  • Be aware of inner criticism and don't let it stop you
  • Keep adding new skills to your toolbag, so that you have more options when you need them.
  • Train yourself to tolerate uncertainty - this will enable you to keep moving forward when the way ahead may not be clear.