Emotional stability

Stability - when applied to human emotions - refers to a state of being predictable and not easily swayed. People who are emotionally stable act in a rational manner when faced with challenging situations. They are able to effectively work through daily issues without becoming overly upset, anxious or angry. 

Some strategies for becoming more emotionally stable include:
  • Surround yourself with calm and supportive individuals, rather than people who are emotionally unstable themselves.
  • Avoid situations that disturb your emotions.
  • Anticipate the triggers so that you can control the outcome.
  • Allow time for the emotion to subside before reacting - this will help you to avoid being hijacked by your emotions and potentially behaving in a way you later regret.
  • Strong emotions can be caused by extreme or "black-and-white" thinking. Practise viewing situations in a more moderate way, allowing for shades of grey in between the extremes of black and white.