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Family/Social support

A good network of family, friends and colleagues can help you through the difficulties you face in life - whether that means one bad day at work or a significant loss or breakdown over a prolonged period. Resilient people have a great degree of internal resources to get them through life's challenges, but will also know when to ask for help when it is needed. Having a network of people to receive support from when you need it (and give it when it is required from you) is also a way of meeting one of the basic human needs for love and connection. 

  • Try to connect with those at work. Those who have a best friend at work are seven times more likely to be engaged with their work, yet only 30 percent of employees report having a best friend at work.
  • Pay attention to life beyond work, and include your family and friends in weekly plans.
  • Improve relationships that you already have by putting in more effort. If you feel close to others, you are four times more likely to feel good about yourself and life.