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Personal / Collective goals

Having a goal can improve your resilience in a number of ways - it can help facilitate making the right choices and making decisions, assists with creating resilient plans, reinforces your will and inner drive to succeed. Having a clear goal acts as a source of atunement and alignment meaning that you will notice and take advantage of opportunities that you encounter such as learning and developing your capabilities, making new contacts, and identifying new resources.

  • Make sure your goals are clear every step of the way. Research suggests that specific and challenging goals can lead to a higher level of task performance than those of a vague or easy nature. 
  • It is better to have a limited number of goals - research suggests only 5-7 can be focused on at any one time.
  • Write your goals down as this will set things in motion. Even better, write an action plan.
  • To succeed, the challenge of reaching the goal should be balanced with your abilities, as unrealistic goals which are impossible to achieve can erode your self-confidence.