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Proactive development

A basic human need is for growth - and it is easy to see why. Everything on the planet is either growing or dying, and therefore without a sense of growth we can start to experience a loss of purpose. It is important to seek out opportunities for personal growth in an informal sense, even if you do not have the opportunity or resources to engage in more traditional education or learning. The internet has opened up a world of potential in terms of access to information and if we adopt the right mindset, we can seek a learning experience in almost every encounter we have. If it helps, try to reflect at the end of each day on what you have learned, or even what you might do differently in a situation given the new knowledge and experiences you have gained. 
  • Set aside specific time for self-development (daily or weekly).
  • Sit down with a notebook and make a list of the things in your life you are unhappy with. Pick one of these and come up with an action plan for tackling it. Don't get up until you've figured out a solution and some steps you will take to find it. Follow through with the plan with no excuses and monitor your progress. If it it something out of your control, focus instead on changing your reaction to it.
  • Turn difficulties into learning opportunities by trying to see how the situation could benefit you or others.