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personal resilience workshop - sample agenda

The Resilience Programme offers you the opportunity to learn the tools and techniques of true resilience which can be applied in all aspects of life. The programme has been developed by Maurice Tomkinson and Tianne Croshaw, in response to the needs of the individual clients and organisations.  Having helped many people deal with the after-effects of stress, Maurice and Tianne were being asked to offer ways of preventing it in advance, before it became a major issue.

The workshops are designed to provide individual participants with the opportunity to explore what it means to be resilient. We provide theoretical models, practical tools and opportunities to put the learning into practice.

(timings may vary)

9.00am Registration and welcome
9.30am Introductions, overview, what is resilience?
10.00am The biology of stress
11.15am Break
  Five tools to improve your resilience:
11.30am Tool 1 - Building Resilient Relationships
12.30pm Lunch
1.15pm Tool 2 - Mastering your Inner Critic
Tool 3 - Understanding your motivation - the six psychological needs
2.15pm Tool 4 - Resilient Communication
2.45pm Break
3.00pm Tool 5 - Changing your mental state - The Triad
3.35pm Applying the tools
4.15pm What’s next?